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Hey ya'll! Originally from Atlanta, GA, I now live in beautiful Charleston, SC with my midwestern husband Jonas and our two girls, Maddie and Sophie. I graduated from The University of North Carolina Wilmington with a BA in Communications where I also played soccer. Post graduation, a case of  Wanderlust led me to live in Aspen, Spain, and Chicago before recently settling back to my Southern roots.

I am a certified personal trainer with a specialization in pre/post natal fitness for women as well as a Charleston-based certified sleep consultant. I have a passion for helping families live their healthiest lives through fitness, nutrition, and, of course, SLEEP!

I love being outside and exploring Charleston whether it be via paddleboard, bike, golf-cart or boat. I recently joined a tennis team and have been loving getting those competitive juices flowing again!

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Sleeper Teachers Changed Our Lives! Nicole was such a great mentor implementing our plan and techniques to sleep train our 6 month old son! Our plan was easy to understand, we had amazing support and our experience was everything we could have hoped for! I Highly Recommend to any Mama or Family who is struggling with sleepless nights, inconsistent infant schedules and feeling like you have tried every other option. Thank You Sleeper Teacher Nicole 💙

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Mom of 6 month old

I cannot thank Nicole with Sleeper Teachers enough for how she helped my family! We had a very stubborn 3 year old that ended up sleeping in our bed after a bad first transition to a big girl bed, and now she’s napping and sleeping all night in her own bed! Not only is she sleeping better but she is eating better, and behaving so much better! Nicole was wonderful to work with and truly was always in my back pocket to help! I cannot recommend Nicole and Sleeper Teachers enough, it is truly worth every penny!!!

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Mom of 3 year old

My 1-year old daughter was falling to sleep in our bed only with nursing, and waking up a few times a night and needing nursing to return to sleep. Two weeks later she's sleeping through the night in her own crib in a room she shares with her sister!  Nicole was amazing to work with and was available multiple times a day throughout the two-week period that we worked with her. We ended up meeting my personal sleep goals for our family quicker than I could've ever hoped for!

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Mom of 1 year old




Sleep Story

Business Journey

Like most first-time parents, I had no idea what to expect or what to do in regard to my daughter's sleep. How much should she get? Why does she only like to nap ON me? Is it normal to wake up six times a night?  My husband and I were often relying on Google to answer all of our sleep questions!  After months of what seemed like trying every method out there, my daughter eventually started sleeping well. (It's still unclear how we managed that one!)

Fast forward two years, here comes baby #2 and we think we have it all figured out....WRONG!  We quickly learned that what works with one baby doesn't mean it's also going to work with another. Juggling the needs of a toddler on top of our poor sleeping baby had left us just plain tired (and grouchy). 

We decided to get help from the professionals and followed a custom sleep plan. Not only were we educated on our child's sleep needs, we were also given the confidence and support to implement strategies to get the entire family sleeping well again. This experience was so life changing that I decided to get certified in this method and have now been helping other sleepy families for four years!

Having my own 7 year old and 4 year old as well working with numerous families over the years, I know how important great sleep is.  I love the feeling when the parents begin to see improvements in their child's sleep and realize that they too can have a great sleeper!

If you are looking to get the sleep you and your family want and NEED, I can help! Just click below to schedule a free eval call with your Charleston-based sleep consultant.

Nicole Melton
senior sleep consultant nicole melton

But the story wasn't over yet...

Nicole Melton
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