Sara Cuthbert

Senior Consultant

Pediatric Sleep Specialist & Certified Lactation Counselor

As a Denver based sleep consultant, I'm all about sleep!!  I also love to ski, travel and spend time with my friends and family. As a mom of two teenagers and two bonus kids, I’ve been through the highs and lows of parenting. Teaching emotional intelligence and creating secure loving attachment have been at the forefront of our parenting approach.   

Sleep struggles, at any age, can be solved. After working with more than 150 families from birth through age 12, my expertise in sleep, early feeding and parenting guide my client relationships. I love helping families safely get rested in order to thrive (not just survive) in these early years of parenting.

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Sara was nothing short of a miracle and life saver! Within a short time, she helped us get our 5 year old and 3.5 year old sleeping through the night, without a struggle. When we hired her, bed time was an absolute disaster and had gotten to the point where our 3.5 year old would scream and cry unless one of us slept with him all night long. Not only are we all better rested, but by setting healthy boundaries, the kids are really excelling in all aspects of life. 'Sleepy Sara' is the best thing that's happened to our family, hands down!

client reviewer
Becky Kaplan
Mom of a 3.5 and 5 year old

We started with Sara C. when our son was 5 months old. We were getting short naps of 20 minutes or less and bedtime was multiple rounds of rocking and singing, only to repeat and do that again an hour or so later. Within a few days of Sara's help, our baby's sleep had already mad noticeable gains. Within a few weeks, we had a consistently happier, better rested baby!  The best part is that now, almost 6 months later, we still have a great little sleeper! Our son gets himself to sleep peacefully within 10 minutes, and reliably hits his goals for day and night sleep.  He can sleep well in hotels, while visiting family, on airplanes and in the car.  Sara's guidance set us all up for success by helping us feel confident about how to manage and adapt to how our baby's sleep needs have evolved and I'm truly so glad that we worked with her!

client reviewer
Hadleigh Fullerton
Mom of a 5 month old

Sara is the absolute best! We have used Sara for both of our kiddos. First, for our 2.5 year old (now 4) who was waking on average 4-5 times a night. She set up a sleep plan, helped us every step of the way and held us accountable (which we loved) to succeed in getting him to sleep through the night! He was doing just that in a few weeks! He’s now 4 and sleeps amazingly well! We then used her for our 7 year old as he was having us lay with him until he fell asleep, and woke at least once a night and come into our bedroom. She customized a plan for him, we stuck to it and got him sleeping on his own - with no wakings in the night and nobody having to sleep next to him! Sara involved our 7 year old which was super cool! We would recommend Sara in a heartbeat she will change your life!!!

client reviewer
Eric Haddenhorst
Dad of a 2.5 and 7 year old

Our 14 mo old daughter was up 5 times a night. I had to rock her to sleep with a bottle every night and every time she woke up. I went from getting 2-3 interrupted hours of sleep for months to all of us sleeping through the night! Sara created a plan for us which we followed to a T but the biggest benefit for us was having Sara hold my husband and I accountable. I don’t know about you, but my husband likes to deviate from the plan, so having Sara made us skip over all the fights. Our daughter is sleeping through the night (with occasional wake ups due to teething or illness) but I’m no longer a zombie! Thank you Sara!

client reviewer
Kristina Atwater
Mom of a 14 month old

We worked with Sara C. when our daughter was almost 3 months old and getting ready to start daycare. She was waking up twice a night and not napping on a regular basis. Flash forward to today, our daughter is 2 years and 3 months old and has been sleeping consistently through the night since she was 3 months old. As someone who loves to sleep (me), it was very important that we established self soothing skills for our daughter so that no matter what she was going through - teething, sickness, etc - she would have the skills to fall back asleep. And Sara and her team gave our daughter those skills. If you are on the fence, let me tell you, it's the best investment you'll make for your child. And it's never too late. I can already see changes as she's getting older and look forward to picking Sara's brain for the next few years.

client reviewer
Deidre Honig
Mom of a 3 month old




Sleep Story

Business Journey

When our first child was born in 2005, we wanted to be "perfect" and couldn’t stand the thought of him crying.  Guess what??  He cried anyway because he was sooooo tired! At 9 months we were only sleeping a couple of hours at a time. Custom sleep support wasn't a thing yet so we muddled our way through and it was messy.

In 2008 with our second child, we were on the same path... (Cue the tears) I didn’t understand that sleep is a skill we TEACH our children.  Using a custom sleep support program (the method I teach today) our daughter was sleeping through the night and naps were improving in just a few days. We were informed parents with teachable skills and valuable support.  It made ALL the difference.

As an attachment parent, Denver based sleep consultant and lactation counselor, I know two important truths. Sleep is non-negotiable for healthy development and well-being.  And, with more sleep, families can thrive, not just survive!  Book a free evaluation call with me and let me help you get your life back.

Sara Cuthbert
senior sleep consultant sara cuthbert

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Sara Cuthbert
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