Self Love Means Asking for Help

We have had quite a few situations recently where a mom is holding back tears as she describes...

Can I get real with you?

If your life feels like a constant cycle of “rinse and repeat”, if you are struggling with the same shit over and over and over, if you can’t seem to break the patterns that are bringing you down… It is OKAY to make a change. It is OKAY to ask for help. It is OKAY to tell someone what you need. It is OKAY to put yourself first and show yourself some self love.

We have had quite a few situations recently where a mom is holding back tears as she describes her family’s sleep struggles on the phone with a Sleeper Teacher, where she is ELATED at the thought of finally getting some rest, where she is imagining just how much smoother the day to day could be if her little one was actually getting their sleep needs met. She is in for sleep support, no matter what because she knows deep in her heart that something’s gotta give.

She is so thankful that sleep does not have to be this hard, the nap struggle does not have to bring her more frustration, and the night wakings don’t have to keep her up literally all night. She is ready to not be so damn exhausted anymore and finally love herself (and her family) enough to make a change.

And then a day later, the same mom has to tell her Sleeper Teacher that they decided to hang tight for a few more weeks (or months!!!) in order to see if this is “just a phase” or wait for her partner to be “ready”.

This mama who is at her breaking point feels like she can’t get help. She can’t get sleep. She can’t invest in her own sanity or self love.

Brutal honesty about self love…

Mama, YOU are at home raising these babies. YOU are busting your butt. YOU are doing what is best for them, day in and day out.

But who is taking care of you? Who knows what you want and need?

This blog post is not intended to make you mad or start a fight with your partner. I’m not writing this to call out these spouses. I’m not writing this for any online “drama” that is going to roll in as a result of the post.

I am writing this because maybe you are one of these totally burnt out mamas who needs to hear NOTHING CHANGES IF NOTHING CHANGES! And it is about time that you show yourself some self love by making a change.

If we’ve learned nothing else in the past year of ups and downs, trials and tribulations, it’s that there is a lot that goes on in life that is outside of our control. And in all these situations, we get to decide how we respond, react and move forward.

I sincerely hope that today is the day that you do what YOU need to do to feel better about your day to day, to get more rest, to take time for yourself and to ask for help when you need it.

I hope that by Valentine’s Day this weekend, you are able to SHOW YOURSELF SOME SELF LOVE and invest in the help, support and resources that you need and desire.

Cheers to sleep and motherhood and self love improving the journey,

Brittney and the Sleeper Teachers

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