Infant & Toddler

3 months - 2.5 years

Have you been struggling with bedtime, waking up throughout the night, getting up before the sun, or battling naps for far too long? Are you a parent who’s tried everything – from baby sleep books to one-size-fits-all programs – and nothing works? Our infant packages take you from overwhelmed and exhausted to confident and well-rested in two weeks or less.

happy mommy and baby for infant & toddler services
sleeper teachers moon badge
sleeper teachers moon badge

Our Unique Approach

A Plan Tailored to Your Child

We create a custom plan for your child by understanding their sleep struggles and your family’s values and parenting style.

Daily Support in Your Back Pocket

We know you can’t wait days between phone calls. Instead, we communicate daily to review progress and make adjustments so you can meet your goals as quickly as possible.

Get the Expertise of a Team

When a challenge comes along, we lean on our 25 years of combined sleep consulting experience to resolve the issue. Work with one of us, benefit from all of us.

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How We Work

For families who don’t want to wait for great sleep.


Book a Free Introductory Call

Chat with a consultant about your sleep challenges, and learn how we can help you resolve them.


Select a Sleep Package

Choose a package that feels best for your family with the level of support you need.


Complete the Sleep Questionnaire

We collect details and data about your child’s sleep situation in order to create a custom plan for you.


Schedule a Virtual Consultation

We walk step-by-step through your family’s sleep plan and prepare to get started on night one.


Begin Plan Implementation

We will be in your back pocket every day for coaching, accountability, plan adjustments, and cheering you on along the way!


Program Wrap Up

We provide you with resources for the future so you can continue with healthy sleep habits.

happy mommy and baby for infant & toddler services

What Past Clients Have to Say

Amanda changed our lives! Our baby was 7 months old and was waking 3x a night to feed. Wasn't on a schedule for naps, needed a pacy and nursing to fall asleep, and would just snack throughout the day with no feeding schedule. 

In two weeks, Amanda helped us to help her to fall asleep independently, taking two naps a day with appropriate wake windows for her age, getting her to eat full meals 3 x a day and overall our daughter's whole personality was happier! We are finally getting some sleep and have Amanda to thank for that! Truly the best money I've ever spent. 10/10 recommend if you need guidance. 

Also, I tried googling tips, other sleep training programs (where you buy the $50 booklet or whatever) and followed the guidelines but they didn't work for us. I needed someone on my team, readily available and personalized to our specific schedule and baby's specific needs. I learned so much from Amanda and wish I would have done this sooner!

mother of 7 month old

Sleep Packages

Starting at $
What’s Included:
Detailed questionnaire
Personalized sleep plan
Virtual consultation
2 weeks of daily text and voice message support
Wrap up and transition info
Bedtime support (optional add-on)