The Power of "What If"

Of course, we are being celebrated. Obviously, we hit this milestone...

Yesterday, my team and I were publicly celebrated for our business milestones and the success of Sleeper Teachers at our annual Sleep Sense Conference. Initially, I was shocked when I heard my name announced, but within seconds, the shock disappeared and the clarity surfaced.

Of course we are being celebrated. Obviously we hit this milestone. I am not shocked we are serving clients all over the world with booming success.

All because of choices. All because of exploring the possibilities.

What started with teaching my own son to sleep when he was a newborn after I read a few books has turned into a multi-six figure business. It has opened up doors that I never imagined and brought some of my most favorite people into my life. It has created impact that I never thought possible.

Are you a “what if worrier”?

If you are you someone who gets “tied up” in the future, you wonder (and worry) if this choice is going to be worthwhile in the end or if it is going to smack you straight in the face. If you spend so much time sitting in the “what if” scenarios that you have them all the outcomes detailed in your mind then you may be a “what if worrier”.

If this is you, you likely


struggle to make decisions

get stuck in the “messy middle”

stay stagnant.

I’m recovering

Guess what? I used to be this way too? I can say, with confidence, that I am slowly but surely overcoming the decision fatigue and am now actually REALLY good at not being so tied to the outcome!

If you are a “what if worrier” don’t mind this loop you are stuck in, then close out of this tab and keep on scrollin’… But if you are curious, mama… Read on!

My old what if thoughts

What if…

it doesn’t work?

I don’t like the outcome?

I don’t make any money?

I am judged by other people?

it is harder than I think?

I fail?

I don’t enjoy it?

it isn’t actually the answer?

My new what if thoughts

What if…

this is the next best step?

it becomes everything I’ve dreamed of?

it opens up new doors?

I trust myself?

I get curious about what this could be?

I explore my options here?

it actually works?

I give it a try to see what good may happen?

The transformation

When you get curious about how your body might feel after a new workout, you give it a go just to see.

When you get curious about how you might recharge after some self-care, you schedule it, wondering if it will help.

When you get curious about how sleep teaching might work for your family, you reach out to the Sleeper Teachers to see if you might get some help.

When you get curious about how you might grow when you take the new job, you explore the options and put yourself out there.

I challenge you to TRY IT

Step into the possibilities. Ask yourself the “what if” questions in a new way. Give something new a shot, just as an exploration. Don’t get too tied to the outcome, but be open to what it might bring.

Ready, set… GO!

Cheers to possibilities and a new “what if”,

Brittney + The Sleeper Teachers

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