Newborn SleepPods

For proactive parents who want to prioritize sleep from the start

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A Sleep Support
program for newborn families

If we could share ONE thing with newborn families, it's this: by taking a proactive approach with your baby's sleep, you can avoid major sleep issues in the future. With the right knowledge, patience, and practice, you can skip endless sleep regressions and lay the groundwork for healthy habits from the beginning — without the need for sleep training.

Fueled by a passion for healthy sleep and supporting newborn families, we've crafted our latest offering: Newborn SleepPods. These small groups cater specifically to families with newborns, bringing together 4-6 families whose babies are born within a month of each other. This intimate setting allows us to provide personalized sleep support to each family while fostering an environment of mutual learning and support.

Over the course of 8 weeks, we dive into common challenges of newborn sleep, including age-appropriate sleep needs, managing feeding and sleep patterns, navigating the witching hour, addressing frequent night wakings, tackling short naps, exploring sleep aids and devices, combating overtiredness, and more.

Within your SleepPod, you'll discover not just a supportive community, but also the confidence and skills needed to establish a solid foundation for healthy sleep habits, ensuring restful nights and brighter days moving forward.

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Meet Amanda

Hey there! I’m Amanda: sleep enthusiast, lover of the outdoors, and big psychology nerd. Based in Austin, Texas, I offer in-home sleep support for local families and virtual support for those around the globe. With years of experience working with families with children from newborns to 13 years old, I've witnessed firsthand the transformative impact of better sleep, particularly during the early childhood years.

My background in psychology, education management, and coaching shapes my holistic approach to sleep support. I am committed to helping you achieve your family's sleep goals in line with your parenting values.

As they say, it takes a village. I'd love to be a part of yours!


How It Works

The Program Includes...

8 weeks of personalized Sleep Support in a pod of 4-6 newborn families

One 75 min Newborn Sleep Education session

One Weekly 45 min Q&A for 7 Weeks

Graduate Guides to support future sleep transitions and changes

A community of newborn parents who also prioritize sleep

[Optional] Ongoing support options in a group or one-on-one format

*All sessions will be recorded (Q&As included) for those who cannot attend live

This is For Families Who...

Want to lay a solid sleep foundation from the start

Prefer to avoid sleep training

Want to build confidence in supporting their baby's sleep needs

Plan to room-share or have a separate room for their baby

Want personalized ongoing support to reach their sleep goals

Want to build their parenting community

Have learned the hard way with previous children that waiting to to work on sleep is not ideal

This is Not For Families Who...

Plan to co-sleep or bed-share since our focus is building a foundation of independent sleep

Prefer a “wait and see” approach with sleep

Don't want to spend time thinking about sleep until their baby is older

Imagine If You Felt More...


in knowing you and your newborn were getting the sleep you need to thrive.


as your sleep education and practice with the tools and techniques begin to pay off.


with your new understanding of sleep science and how to handle sleep changes moving forward.

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I contacted Amanda the day after my husband and I brought our baby girl home from the hospital. We wanted to get our daughter sleeping well right away and Amanda was super sweet and helpful. It made recovering from an emergency C-section so much less stressful and once we got through the initial month of weight gain night feedings, she started sleeping through the night. Thanks to her help, we were able to set our daughter up for success with independent sleep and now at 5 months old, she's a sleeping champ!

Rue Beyer
Do-it-all Mom of 2

About the

Who is the program for?

Families with newborns between 2-8 weeks of age who are ready to begin laying the foundation for sleep independence in his or her own sleep space (room sharing is fine!). If your baby is outside of this age range, please don't hesitate to reach out to discuss potential support options:

When do we start?

We will begin when your baby is between 2 - 8 weeks old depending on when you join the program and when your sleep pod is formed. Once you sign up we will be in touch. If for any reason we are unable to form a pod of 4-6 families to include you, we will offer the option for a full refund.

Is this the same as sleep training?

No. We do not recommend sleep training a newborn. Instead, we take a gentle and gradual approach with age-appropriate sleep techniques applied over 8 weeks time.  

Will I need to sleep train my baby later on?

As long as you consistently implement the tools and strategies we will be teaching in the group, your baby will have the independent sleep skills needed to avoid the need to sleep train down the road.

What if I can't join all of the live weekly calls?

Although we encourage families to attend as many live calls as possible, we understand that conflicts come up. All calls will be recorded and shared with group members after each session, and Q&A questions can be pre-submitted for those who cannot attend live.

What day of the week are the weekly calls?

Once we form your SleepPod, we will survey the group to determine a day of the week and time that suits everyone. Session recordings will be shared afterward for any family who is unable to attend live.

Can I still contact nap and plan for naps on the go?

Absolutely! We encourage parents who want to contact nap or plan for naps while out and about to do so. This is a flexible and realistic approach to sleep. Your baby does not need to take every nap in his or her own sleep space to be able to learn the sleep skills we will be teaching.

What are the sleep results I can expect after 8 weeks?

Although results will vary depending on your child’s individual needs and temperament, you can expect your baby to be able to fall asleep independently, sleep longer night stretches, and take better naps by the end of the program. Our #1 goal (and the biggest predictor of sleep success down the road) is for your baby to learn the skill of sleep independence.

What should I do if I have a question not answered here?

Please send me an email at and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Are you ready For
For Better Sleep?

What’s Included:
8 weeks of sleep support
One 75min newborn sleep education session
Weekly 45min Q&A calls for 7 weeks
Graduate guides to support future sleep changes
Parenting community of 4-6 families
Confidence, empowerment and knowledge for sleep
Option to add ongoing sleep support after program ends
*2 month minimum commitment