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Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Welcome! My name is Allie and I live in Dripping Springs, TX with my husband and two toddlers, Wren and Harrison. I have a background in Business Management and a passion for health and wellness. 

I love helping families get the sleep they need and deserve to improve their mental and physical wellbeing. I know firsthand that being well-rested is one of the best ways to enjoy the short, sweet years we get with our littles. Parenting is hard enough, so let me help you make sleep the easiest part.

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Sleep Story

Business Journey

Being that sleep is one of the most integral parts of health and wellness, my passion for rest grew when my daughter was born and we needed sleep the most. I went into my pregnancy thinking “I’ll have this baby and she will just sleep… right?”. With some guidance from my fellow Sleeper Teacher sister-in-law, Amanda, my family was set up for success, and we all made sleep a priority.

Can’t wait to connect and be a part of your sleep journey!

Allie Bender
sleep consultant Allie Bender

But the story wasn't over yet...

Allie Bender
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