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Pediatric Sleep Specialist

Hey there! I’m Amanda: sleep enthusiast, lover of the outdoors, and big psychology nerd. Based in Austin, Texas, I offer in-home sleep support for local families and virtual support for those around the globe. After years of working with hundreds of families with children from newborns to 13 years old, I've witnessed firsthand the transformative impact of better sleep, particularly during the early childhood and parenting years.

My background in psychology, education management, and coaching shapes my holistic approach to the sleep support I offer families. I help you understand the sleep science, and you help me understand your family’s sleep goals and values. With a personalized plan in place, we then work hand-in-hand to get you and your little one(s) sleeping better as soon as possible.

As they say, it takes a village. I'd love to be a part of yours!

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I called Amanda when we were completely overwhelmed and stressed out over our 7 year old's sleep issues. Not only did he wake frequently through the night, but he also had a strong attachment to me and needed me to help him fall asleep. Additionally, he was suffering from nightmares and found going to sleep stressful.

Working with Amanda was amazing! My husband and I felt truly heard when we explained our issues and were so happy to know that we weren't doomed! She was confident and comfortable with our strategy to get our kiddo to sleep without anxiety, and I appreciated that she was there, holding my hand during the program. I truly enjoyed talking with her, and even on some of the mornings where I was under-slept and emotional, she did an amazing job to support me as well.

I highly recommend working with her, it has made a huge difference in my child. He sleeps all night, doesn't stress out before bed, and now we are finally able to sleep comfortably without worrying about whether he is going to get up early or not.

client reviewer
mother of 7 year old

To say that our work with the Sleeper Teachers (specifically Amanda) was life-changing is not an exaggeration or overstatement.

As first-time parents, we did tons of research and took several classes during pregnancy to be as prepared as possible. However, our newborn son's initial challenges with sleep hit us like a ton of bricks and created a lot of anxiety for us. We tried everything and read every article we could find, and he seemingly would not sleep. It was very frustrating and more importantly we were concerned about his sleep-deprived development and our sleep-deprived sanity.

After a friendly and informative discovery process, we elected to have a personalized plan created for our son along with two weeks of support. Much to our astonishment, he slept for 11+ hours overnight on night two. We couldn't believe it. Amanda provided clarity, consistency, responsiveness, and adaptability as we worked with her.

We are now a couple weeks past the consultative period and have been able to maintain his sleep schedule in an effective manner. We would recommend this program to anyone in need of support with their newborn. It is easy-to-understand and science-based. If we have another child in the future, we would work with Amanda from day one. Worth every penny.

client reviewer
dad of 14 week old

I want to say thank you to Amanda from the bottom of my heart for helping me get my twin boys on the right track for sleep. She helped me get my sanity back!! In motherhood you always lose yourself in these beginning stages and I’m finally starting to feel back to my old self again after getting my sleep back! I’m such a better mom for it and I feel like the boys are different in a good way! They are more vibrant and happy! I also have seen their development soar in these past couple weeks!!! Thank you again Amanda, you made this such a good experience for me with the support and cheerleading! It’s exactly what my family needed.

client reviewer
mom of 10 month old twins




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Brittney and I go way back to our college freshman dorm days at the University of Colorado where we were randomly assigned to be roommates. As luck would have it, we bonded over our love for peace and quiet and our dislike for rowdy dorm halls. Fast forward many years later and I couldn't be more grateful to be a part of the Sleeper Teachers team.

If there was one thing I wish all parents knew, it is that it is possible to teach healthy sleep habits at any age. Through teaching the skill of sleep, I’m able to support exhausted parents go from barely surviving, to rested and thriving.

Amanda Bender
senior sleep consultant amanda bender

But the story wasn't over yet...

Amanda Bender
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