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Hey there, mom boss. I see you! You are hustling behind the scenes of your biz while juggling childcare and school schedules. You, my friend, are one of the crazy few taking on both business ownership and motherhood. You are stoked with the success of your business so far but are looking to scale and grow in a way that is sustainable for you and your family.

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Business coaching with Brittney was the best decision I made for myself and my virtual fitness business. The clarity I received in each coaching session and the instantly applicable strategies helped me to gain the confidence I needed to run my business more efficiently and effectively. I learned SO much about myself and gained so many business tools along the way. I still work with Brittney and am grateful for her Voxer support and options to do 1 off coaching sessions when I am in need of a refresh or am preparing to level up my seasonal business offerings.

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Virtual Personal Trainer

Working with Brittney was the best decision I've made for myself and my business! Brittney's expertise and experience melded with her ability to coach me though mindset blocks were invaluable as I brought on my first two team members. I would recommend her support and coaching over and over!

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Sleep Consultant

Hiring Brittney was the best business decision I have made. Brittney transformed the way I think about business. Mindset is EVERYTHING! She worked with me on pushing through my negative thoughts, and she taught me how to take daily tasks and turn them into revenue generating activities. In the 3 months of coaching with Brittney, I have seen my social media grow by 700%, I have hit my highest grossing month ever, and I no longer sit at my desk wondering where to begin. I am not bogged down by the list and am feeling more confident than ever about every aspect of my business. Thank you, Brittney. You have changed my family and me for the better.

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Sleep Consultant




Sleep Story

Business Journey

I launched Brittney Stefanic Sleep Consulting, my pediatric sleep consulting biz, in August of 2017. I was terrified! I had no idea how (or if) I was going to find clients. I didn't have an Instagram account, and my Facebook had been inactive for years.

But, I knew that if I could help ONE exhausted family, it would be worth it. Word got out, and one turned into 100, which turned into 1,000, and the impact is growing every week!

In 2018, I quit my teaching job and expanded the business. I added adult sleep support services to my offering because I realized that even after little ones were sleeping, Mom and Dad were still struggling to prioritize their own sleep.

By spring 2019, my client waitlist was nearing 6-weeks long, and it was time to start growing the Sleeper Teachers crew. As of 2022, we are 11 consultants strong and have helped educate and support over 1,500 families around the world in finding sleep solutions.

Brittney Stefanic
sleeper teachers ceo & founder brittney stefanic

But the story wasn't over yet...

After the pandemic challenges of 2020, Sleeper Teachers was still going strong, but I realized that I was also being called to coach -- to share the ins + outs, the tips + tricks, the behind the scenes (and inside my brain) workings of my mom boss life.

I started business mindset and strategy coaching in 2021, and it's everything I never knew I needed! I love working with mom business owners 1-on-1 to help them in their motherhood and business journeys in a way that feels aligned, intentional and sustainable.

If you are a mom boss looking for a coach who has been there and done that … Let’s chat!

Book a 30-minute connection call so we can chat about your business mindset and strategy needs. 

Cheers to this wild ride that is life as a mom boss,

Brittney Stefanic
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