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Here, you’ll find stories from single mothers, mothers with ailing parents, mothers with one child..

I am not your average mom

I was so excited last spring when I was asked to be on the writing team for The Not Your Average Mom Project. A site which “is the place for anyone who believes that there is no such thing as an “average mom.” Here, you’ll find stories from single mothers, mothers with ailing parents, mothers with one child, with multiple children, working mothers, and stay-at-home-mothers.”

And “the point of everything you see (on site) is only to emphasize the point that we are whole people before we are parents, and that the parenthood role is just as much a part of our individuality as it is a factor that bonds us as a community. If you believe that a woman’s story doesn’t end with motherhood, you’re in the right place. Welcome.”

I mean, WOW! I identify so closely with their site mission and the projects in place to achieve it that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share my own experiences with motherhood by writing for them.

I wrote a piece in April, We Are Here, You Are There, which outlined my experience raising my son in a town without any family nearby. But I knew this summer I needed to share another post which explains why I’m not an average mom but rather why I am a crazy mom!

I am a crazy mom

In July, when I was thick in our 2018 summer vacay travel stint, I just knew I needed to write a post for the project blog about all of the truths I learned since leaving home to set out on a 31 night trip… With my two year old!

You see, this one (of many) examples of why I am NOT YOUR AVERAGE MOM. In fact, I am quite a bit crazier than normal. Who takes their two year old on a 31 night trip?

Lucky for you, I did.

And there now exists this blog post which outlines all the truths that I learned amidst the crazy. Go read it, so you can learn a thing or two from me before you make a similar crazy decision and have your own truths to learn!

After you read it, you can also reach out to me directly if a recent trip with your toddler has you needing a vacation from your vacation. I offer fully customized sleep packages for families that are ready to get out of sleep overwhelm and into sleep dreamland!

Or if you are the proactive type, I also set up mini-consultations to prepare a family for travel before $H1T hits the fan!

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