What Puts the "Trap" in Sleep Contraptions

Is my child going to cry when we start sleep training...

As a team of whole-family sleep consultants, aka the Sleeper Teachers, there are a few questions we hear over and over and over again.

Is my child going to cry when we start sleep training? How long will the crying last? How long until my little one sleeps through the night? When will we be able to sleep through the night again?

In other words, you all want to know…

Is there an easy, painless, miracle solution that will solve our sleep struggles overnight?

Well, we hate to say it folks, but the answer is no. There is no magical sleep suit or wonder crib.

But we understand why so many parents might think so. A self-rocking crib. A weighted blanket. A hypnotizing bedtime book. A vibrating mattress pad (questionable on multiple levels… right?). These are all REAL products…seriously, we can’t make this stuff up!

There are so many others out there that claim they’ll get your baby to sleep. And often they do. But that is exactly the problem, and likely the reason why your little one can’t get a good night’s rest consistently.

Drop the Props

Let’s use the hypnotizing baby book as an example. If you haven’t heard of this thing, it promises to get your kiddos to sleep with repetitive phrases and excessive yawning on part of the reader, and it climbed to the top of Amazon’s bestseller list. So you buy the book, read it at bedtime, and it puts your little one out like a light.

But, mama, you know by now that baby doesn’t just fall asleep and stay asleep for 10 straight hours.

We all go through sleep cycles that take us from light sleep into deep sleep and back again, and in between those stages, we tend to wake up. Us skilled-at-sleeping adults typically don’t remember these brief wake up times, but babies often rely on a prop or crutch to get back to sleep. Like, oooohh, a hypnotizing bedtime story.

Instill the Skill

We say it a lot. Sleep is a skill that takes practice to master. Sure, we’re all born with the ability to fall asleep. We were probably born with the ability to run a marathon, but we sure as heck won’t get up tomorrow and successfully run 26.2 miles without training for it first. It takes practice for your babe to become a pro sleeper, but when you lull them back to sleep with motion, products, vibration, or feeding, you’re doing all of the practice for them.

Get with the Sleeper Teachers

Well surprise, that’s us!

As a team of former educators turned sleep consultants, we work with families of all ages and sizes to build a sleep program that will help you teach your little one sleep skills and become that pro sleeper. No props, no crutches, no gizmos or gadgets-a-plenty. Just good sleep and the SKILLS required to make that happen.

That means that no matter where your kiddo is sleeping or who’s watching them, they’ll have no problem falling asleep and staying asleep straight through the night. And once they get good at sleep, they will actually enjoy doing it. Scout’s honor!

Our little ones, and so many of my clients’ little ones, absolutely love bedtime. There are no more bedtime battles, no tears, just a happy wind-down and some quality time with ma and pa to look forward to before they get into bed and do what they’re good at. We aren’t saying that your toddler will be going to sleepovers and telling their friends to check out how easily they can get to sleep, but I’m not saying they won’t either.

Is your family ready to get a good night’s rest again? Book a free sleep introductory call here to learn a little more about how we work with families just like yours.

Cheers to sleep,

The Sleeper Teachers

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